Nepal Background Map

History and growth

Since its establishment in 1992, after a visit to Nepal by Marcel Damad and Krijn de Best, Foundation Nepal has focused mainly on improving education in remote areas. However, we have since been working on other goals as well. Over the years, the foundation has grown, and several other foundations joined us.

In 1998, Children of Tarkeyghyang Foundation was incorporated into our foundation, followed by Diyalo Foundation in 2011, VNN in 2017, Child in Nepal in 2020, Children of Kathmandu and El Mundo in 2022. Through a legal merger under the direction of our notary, Foundation Nepal is now the name under which we work towards various goals, including education, healthcare, livelihood security and empowerment for the most vulnerable people in Nepali society.

In 2023, we partnered with World Vision Advocacy Forum, a Nepalese NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) with its own office and staff in Kathmandu. In addition to this in-house organisation, we collaborate with a range of local NGOs assisted by WVAF. The aim is to improve the capacity of the local NGOs to the point where they can function completely independently.

We are proud of the growth we have experienced and remain committed to helping the vulnerable people of Nepal.

Acknowledgements and Partners
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