Nepal Background Map

Who are we?

As directors and advisory board members of the Foundation Nepal, we all have one thing in common: Nepal has stolen our hearts with the beauty of its country, the warmth and hospitality of its people and their strong and optimistic mentality. It is a country full of contrasts and at the same time full of harmony.

As a board, we work entirely voluntarily without remuneration. Our only reward is the pleasure and satisfaction of contributing to the development of those who have fewer opportunities than us. Personal expenses are borne by us and income from the foundation is spent exclusively on projects in Nepal. Some exceptions, such as bank fees, external auditor and website costs, are necessary, but even these costs we try to limit as much as possible. Our motivation to be part of Foundation Nepal is based on our belief that everyone deserves equal opportunities and that every little bit of help can have a big impact on someone else's life.

Our team in the Netherlands:

Krijn de Best, chairman [psychologist/economist]

Jos Huisman, treasurer [actuary]

Robin de Best, secretary [doctor]

Marcel Damad, fundraising [entrepreneur]

Thorquil Kramer, development young sponsors [doctor]

Erlandine Heering-Waller, project supervision

Lissa Wullaert, medical projects [doctor]

Tessa de Waard, communications and social media [communications consultant]

Our team in Nepal:

World Vision Advocacy Forum NGO [WVAF]:

Mr. Nava Raj Adhikari [Executive Director]

Mrs. Subarna Newar [consultant]

Mr. Kiran Bhatta [Project Manager]

Mr. Birendra Shahi [Financial Officer]

We are assisted by our advisory board:

Cas de Stoppelaar [consul general of Nepal, biologist]

René de Bos [entrepreneur, climbed Mount Everest in 1990]

Ben Jansen [entrepreneur, psychologist]

Sjoerd Ybema [former board member, architect]

Steven Walland [ophthalmologist]

Dennis de Best [webmaster & system administrator]

Willy Roelofsen [former board member, veterinarian]

Hans Jan de Graaf [philosopher]

Acknowledgements and Partners
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