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Our partners

Foundation Nepal was a founding member of the Nepal Federation Netherlands. From this, many partnerships have emerged. But also mergers. For example, with Foundation Kind in Nepal, Foundation Children of Kathmandu and Foundation Friends Netherlands Nepal (VNN).


We cooperate with Stichting Medora, Stichting Kind en Oor, Stichting Damphus, Stichting 6 degrees Network for Women and Stichting Holland Building, among others.

Some examples:

With Medora and Kind en Oor, we jointly conduct vision screening for 5,000 school children and export the know-how of the 100% Girls to School project to other regions. In Baglung, the first auditory screening of young Nepalis was realised. With Holland Building Foundation, we set up outreach programmes for healthcare and special help for spastic children. Stichting Damphus supported us with the budget for Maitri Griha and with 6 degrees for Women we facilitated the set-up of a soap factory.

Wild Geese

We can regularly count on the support of Wilde Ganzen for our projects. Stichting Wilde Ganzen is a Dutch organisation that wants to contribute to a better life for people living in poverty. The foundation empowers people to carry out anti-poverty initiatives themselves. In our case, they do this by supplementing our budgets by a third.

World Vision Advocacy Forum NGO

Outside the Netherlands, a close partnership has been established with the World Vision Advocacy Forum [WVAF]. This partnership gives us access to an office in Kathmandu. Moreover, a programme manager and a financial manager are in charge of the progress and monitoring of our projects.

Loyal supporters of our foundation

Foundation Nepal does its work thanks to the support of individuals, equity funds and foundations that subscribe to our objective. Not every organisation wants to be named, but those that do we are happy to mention. Without their contributions, our projects cannot be carried out. Thank you!

Hofsteestichting (Hofstee Foundation)

Orange Angel Foundation Netherlands

Stichting Marguerite Damelon

Stichting Julia


Acknowledgements and Partners
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