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Post Help is being provided!
Help is being provided! Despite the challenges in the affected area, we continue to work hard to provide much needed assistance to everyone. More tents have recently been distributed, with which we have been able to support at least 100 households. Unfortunately, conditions remain harsh, as can be seen in the photos showing the current living conditions of those affected. Families with small children and the elderly live in makeshift tents that offer little protection against the intense cold, especially at night.
Robin de Best 22/11/2023
Post Rescue efforts in full swing!
Rescue efforts in full swing! Our partners from the Volunteer Corps Nepal have rescued 70 people since the beginning of the earthquake! Let's continue to help them together! You can donate on our website through the "donate" button but you can also contribute via our gofundme campaign or via our Facebook fundraiser.
Robin de Best 08/11/2023
Post Update on the emergency relief following the earthquake.
Update on the emergency relief following the earthquake. The first photos and updates from the affected area are coming in. A medical camp has been set up in Kushe VDC Thime where a team of doctors is now treating those affected. First impressions are that many children and elderly people are traumatised and afraid. It is very cold at night and people sleep in tents. This causes a lot of fear, cold, unrest and illness. A terrible situation.   Thanks to all the people who have already contributed to our help there.
Robin de Best 08/11/2023
Post Help the victims of the November 3rd 2023 earthquake!
Help the victims of the November 3rd 2023 earthquake! Dear everyone, dear supporters, When disaster strikes, we need to unite to make a difference. On the 3rd of November 2023, Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake that left countless families in ruins. But amidst the rubble, there's a resilient spirit that refuses to be broken. This is our opportunity to help rebuild hope and homes.
Robin de Best 08/11/2023
Post Birth care at altitude
Birth care at altitude Wilde Ganzen has written an article about the construction of mother and child clinics in Humla.See the text below: Maternity Care at High Altitude In the highest inhabited region in the world, child mortality rates are unfortunately very high as well. The Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal are working to improve healthcare. Krijn de Best from Stichting Nepal tells the story.
Krijn de Best 27/11/2020
Post MD Calamiteiten Fund
MD Calamiteiten Fund Inspired by the urgent situation in Nepal at this moment [corona crisis], founder/director Marcel Damad has established the MD Emergency Fund. He took action and initiated a substantial amount to make the fund operational immediately. In consultation with Marcel, decisions will be made regarding immediate emergency aid.
Krijn de Best 09/05/2020
Post Stichting Nepal and Covid-19
Stichting Nepal and Covid-19 At this place, there should have been a beautiful report of the trip to Nepal, with information about the '100% Girls to School' project and the progress of all ongoing projects. It was also planned to get to know the people working for the Stichting Kind in Nepal Foundation and, of course, to meet KB Magar Rana from Baglung.
Krijn de Best 02/05/2020
Post Monitor visit 2019
Monitor visit 2019 Day 1 [April 11th]   April 11th is behind us, and here's the report of the meetings.  Not everything is relevant for some of you, but you can skip or forget about those parts.    08:00  Jeroen with the latest developments regarding Muchu School.  Due to recent economic developments, the community shop is no longer needed.
Krijn de Best 01/08/2019
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