Nepal Background Map

Our approach: sustainable collaboration and inclusiveness

At Foundation Nepal, we believe that sustainable collaboration and inclusiveness are the keys to achieving our mission.

Sustainable cooperation

Collaboration is the first key to progress. We focus on sustainable collaboration with local partners and communities in Nepal. By involving these partners and communities in our projects, we ensure the feeling of responsibility for project implementation. This makes the projects not only more sustainable, but also more effective and efficient. It also creates a sense of ownership, ensuring continuity.

We see ourselves as a bridge between the Dutch and Nepalese societies. We ensure that our donors, volunteers and other stakeholders get a better understanding of the problems and challenges faced by the Nepalese communities. Through our involvement, we want to create understanding and respect between different cultures and societies.


Inclusivity is the second key to providing equal opportunities to children and other socially vulnerable people in Nepal. By an inclusive vision, we mean that we are committed to ensuring equal opportunities and access to education and healthcare for all, regardless of their background, gender or social status. Herein, emancipation and livelihood self-sufficiency are inseparable. This is why we involve local communities in our projects, so that we can work together on sustainable solutions and maximise the impact of our projects.

Holistic approach

At Foundation Nepal, we focus not only on improving education and healthcare, but also on other factors that affect the living conditions of Nepali communities. Therefore, we take a holistic approach, taking into account various factors such as the economic, social and cultural background of the communities we work with. In this way, we aim to contribute to a better future for vulnerable Nepali communities and especially children. Through sustainable collaboration, inclusiveness and a holistic approach, we hope to improve the living conditions of Nepal's most vulnerable and contribute to a society where everyone has a chance.

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