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Foundation Nepal: A chance for everyone!

At Foundation Nepal, our mission is to improve the living conditions and future prospects of children and socially vulnerable people in Nepal. We do this by improving their access to education and healthcare. We believe in equal opportunities for all and have therefore been working through an inclusive perspective since 1992.

Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience and learned what does and does not work in supporting education and healthcare in Nepal. By using this knowledge and experience, we can run our projects more efficiently and effectively, making the biggest impact on the lives of the people we help.

As such, we have already realised over 250 projects and many of these projects are now functioning completely independently.

With our policy, we focus on collecting donations and other financial support to fulfil our mission. Together with our local partners, we work towards a better future for the vulnerable within Nepali society. By combining different sectors (such as education, healthcare and livelihood), we can offer a broad and integrated approach. This means that we focus on a holistic approach, not only looking at one specific problem, but also taking into account other factors that affect people's living conditions. In this way, we ensure that our contributions are even more effective.

Our vision is: A chance for everyone! At Foundation Nepal, we believe that education and healthcare are basic needs and the key to a better future with equal opportunities for all. Help us realise our mission and support our work in Nepal.

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