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Our Karma Club

Karma is a concept from Hinduism and Buddhism, literally translated as 'act', 'action' or 'deed'. In both Hinduism and Buddhism, karma encompasses an individual's physical and mental actions that affect their current life and subsequent lives through reincarnation. In everyday use, it often means that everything we do, think or say comes back to ourselves. Karma is thus about both the act and the consequence that comes from that act. Strictly speaking, however, karma only refers to the performance of deeds, not the consequences of those deeds. Karma and its consequence are seen as a natural principle, a law of "action and reaction". So, there is no god at work punishing or rewarding. A good deed naturally has good consequences, bad deeds naturally have bad consequences. Actually, the law of Karman (which governs karma) is above the distinction of good and bad: that is, without judgement. Therefore, a better interpretation is that deeds with certain characteristics cause consequences possessing the same characteristics.

Become a member of our Karma club? That’s possible!

The role of the Karma Club

This club strengthens the financial backbone of Foundation Nepal and ensures organisational continuity. Club members can participate individually or as a company. With support from the Karma Club, a new agreement was signed with the government in 2023 without any headaches to continue our stimulating work.

What does membership offer?

- Support in organising (study) trips to Nepal

- Presentations and workshops at business meetings and retreats

- A beautiful silver pin in the shape of the Hindu symbol 'Om' for karma

- A copy of the monograph Karma

- A subscription to Nepal Connect, the digital platform with information about the region

Become a member

Do you share our vision of development through education? Will you become one of the 99 members of the Karma Club? Membership costs €1,750 per year for a period of 5 years. We will send you the donation agreement that establishes the deductibility of the donation for tax purposes (when applicable in your country). It is not automatically renewed. Transfer your annual contribution to Foundation Nepal in name of the Karma Club, IBAN: Nl26ABNA0469766727.

We thank you in advance for your support!

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