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How can you help?


One of the most direct ways you can help us is by making a donation. With your contribution, we can continue to run our projects in Nepal, improving the lives of children and socially vulnerable people. Whether you donate a small or large amount, every contribution is welcome and makes a difference. On the site, you will find a 'Donate' button. Our bank details are also on the website. You can also donate through Facebook ( The platform also offers the opportunity to start a fundraiser in the name of Foundation Nepal.

Start an original action

Would you like to do something extra to support us? Then you can start an original action to raise money for our projects. Think, for example, of a sponsored run, a sale of homemade items or an online auction. The possibilities are endless, and we are open to your ideas. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can set something up together.

Support us as a company

As a company, you can contribute to our projects in various ways. For example, you can donate part of the proceeds of a product or service to us, organise an event from which the proceeds go to our foundation, or give your employees the opportunity to make a donation through their salary. In addition, there are many more ways we can work together to make a positive impact. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to make our supporters known.

Include us in your will

Would you like to make a lasting impact even after you are no longer around? Then consider including Foundation Nepal in your will. This will ensure that you contribute to a better future for Nepalese communities even after your lifetime. Naturally, we are ANBI and CBF certified.

Our contact information

We are grateful for all the support we receive, big or small. Together, we can make a difference and improve the lives of Nepalis. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about how you can contribute to our mission.

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Stichting Nepal has ANBI status and the CBF has certified us. We are a member of Goede Doelen Nederland, Partin and are audited by the Standards Committee.

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IBAN: NL26ABNA0469766727


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