Nepal Background Map

Why Nepal?

Nepal is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history, but unfortunately it is also a country with many challenges and problems. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and suffers from lack of income, inequality between population groups and lack of access to basic needs such as education and healthcare. Moreover, the country was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2015 that killed thousands of people and caused extensive damage to infrastructure and buildings.

Why does Nepal in particular need our help?

Nepal needs our help because the people there live in harsh conditions and often lack access to essential services such as education and healthcare. Children and socially vulnerable people are particularly affected and have few opportunities to develop and thus build a better future. It is therefore important to support precisely these groups to ensure that they are given opportunities to build a better life.

Why is Foundation Nepal active in this country in particular?

Foundation Nepal is active in this country because experience has taught us that we can make a big difference in Nepal. Our long history of working in Nepal has given us a lot of experience and knowledge about the specific challenges and needs of Nepalese communities. Moreover, we have strong local partners who help us design and implement effective and sustainable projects. Through our presence and involvement, we can tangibly improve the lives of people in Nepal and contribute to a better future.

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