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Post Help is being provided!
Help is being provided!
Despite the challenges in the affected area, we continue to work hard to provide much needed assistance to everyone. More tents have recently been distributed, with which we have been able to support at least 100 households.

Unfortunately, conditions remain harsh, as can be seen in the photos showing the current living conditions of those affected. Families with small children and the elderly live in makeshift tents that offer little protection against the intense cold, especially at night.

In the coming phase, the focus will be on accurately mapping the extent of the damage. As a foundation, we are now focusing on the reconstruction of a school. For us, education is the key to creating better opportunities, and we strive to work with the community to have a positive impact on a future for the children there.

Your continued support makes all this possible. Together we can make a difference!
You can donate on our website through the "donate" button but you can also contribute via our gofundme campaign or via our Facebook fundraiser.
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Robin de Best 22/11/2023
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