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Post Stichting Nepal and Covid-19
Stichting Nepal and Covid-19
At this place, there should have been a beautiful report of the trip to Nepal, with information about the '100% Girls to School' project and the progress of all ongoing projects. It was also planned to get to know the people working for the Stichting Kind in Nepal Foundation and, of course, to meet KB Magar Rana from Baglung. 
Today, with Wilde Ganzen, Change the Game Academy, and Consul General Cas de Stoppelaar, we were in discussions with the upper echelons of Nepalese society to secure contributions from within the country.
However, the trip is currently postponed and is now scheduled for October.
Also, the congress in June is being moved to November 14th, with the expectation that such gatherings will be possible again by then.
Are we completely idle?
Far from it. 
What are we going to do?
Covid-19 Program of the Stichting Nepal 
The Stichting Nepal and its partner, Nepal Trust, have been approached by the District Health Office [DHO] in Humla. This is an initiative by the government. 
The request is for assistance in tackling Covid-19 due to the existing infrastructure that has been realized by Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal, partly with the help of our donors and Wilde Ganzen. 
Our plan of action: 
Based on our existing program 'Little Doctors & Maternal Healthcare,' an educational program is starting to roll out to the villages in Humla, with the main elements being Hygiene, Social Distancing, and how to respond when a family member shows symptoms. 
Coordination and Distribution 
Using the infrastructure of health clinics spread throughout Humla, we will ensure the distribution of protective clothing [masks, gloves, etc.] and medicines. Furthermore, the clinics have spaces where teams can conduct tests. 
Quarantine Centers 
The existing clinics are being set up as quarantine centers for severe cases. Ventilators, as in the West, are not feasible, but inhalers can be used. 
According to the DHO's agreement, this program can start within a few days. However, funding is lacking. We are working with a budget of €60,000. This should be sufficient. Wilde Ganzen donates 50% of the budget if we manage to provide the remaining €30,000. 

We are also actively fundraising. As soon as it's possible, construction will resume on the '100% Girls to School' project. Furthermore, we are now fundraising for the project for the Autism Care Society Gandaki in Pokhara, Nepal. See the attached document for more information.

Additionally, there is 1 school in Mustang and 15 schools in Humla that are in urgent need of renovation and expansion. We need funds for this as well.

The current forced rest offers the opportunity to focus on fundraising. Donations can be made, among other methods, by using the button on this website. 

Krijn de Best 02/05/2020
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