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Birth care at altitude
Wilde Ganzen has written an article about the construction of mother and child clinics in Humla.
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Maternity Care at High Altitude In the highest inhabited region in the world, child mortality rates are unfortunately very high as well. The Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal are working to improve healthcare. Krijn de Best from Stichting Nepal tells the story. 
What has been done with the money donated by our supporters? 
Krijn: "We have built three clinics in the most remote areas of Nepal, for pregnant women and young children. With the support of Wilde Ganzen, we were able to furnish not only the buildings themselves but also with beds and medical equipment." 
Did the entire project go as planned? 
"We started with significant delays. We wanted to start building earlier, but after the 2015 earthquake, there were other priorities in the following years. When construction finally began, we faced a very harsh winter. But, that's the reality in Nepal when you're high in the mountains. And building itself isn't the hardest part; the real work begins afterward with skilled staff, good care, and maintenance." 
How was it ensured that the clinics will still be there in ten years? 
"The Nepalese government is proud of these clinics and has taken over management. This means they pay the salaries of the staff. The clinics have a committee that oversees maintenance, and local people help out if, for example, the road to the clinic needs repairs." 
What does the clinic mean for the people in this region? 
"These people live incredibly remotely. To give you an idea: to get there, you have to take two planes from the capital and then walk for two days. There used to be no doctor nearby; women gave birth in a shed without assistance. With proper care, complications decrease, and babies get a better start." 
Is this project now completed for you? 
"No, we support, among other things, educational programs. We want to train local midwives and technicians so that people can do more for themselves. And now, with COVID-19, with the support of Wilde Ganzen, we provide emergency relief and the clinics are equipped to care for COVID-19 patients." 

Krijn de Best 27/11/2020
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