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Update on the emergency relief following the earthquake.

Post Update on the emergency relief following the earthquake.

The first photos and updates from the affected area are coming in. A medical camp has been set up in Kushe VDC Thime where a team of doctors is now treating those affected. First impressions are that many children and elderly people are traumatised and afraid. It is very cold at night and people sleep in tents. This causes a lot of fear, cold, unrest and illness. A terrible situation.


Thanks to all the people who have already contributed to our help there. But more support is needed! With your help we can provide immediate emergency assistance such as:

• Food parcels

• Warm blankets and tent canvases

• Medical assistance and medicines

• Care products such as soap, sanitary towels, toothbrushes.

Don't leave these people out in the cold! Help us by making a contribution.


You can donate on our website through the "donate" button but you can also contribute via our gofundme campaign or via our Facebook fundraiser.

Thank you very much!

Robin de Best


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